„It wasn’t just a fight, Sookie. It was him not fighting for me. I gave him an ultimatum. And he let me walk away. I’m done. I don’t want to see him anymore. It’s over. I need it to be over. I need it to be over because I can’t take this anymore. Yes, I love Luke, and, yes, I wanted to marry Luke. But I didn’t want a life separate from Luke, and that’s all he could give me. I don’t want that. If I’m gonna be with Luke, I want to be with Luke. And he didn’t get it, and I waited. I mean, God, I waited.

It’s like Luke is driving a car, okay? And I just want to be in the passenger’s seat. But he’s locked the door, and so I have to hold on to the bumper, you know? I’m not even asking him to open the door for me. Just leave it unlocked and say, ‚Come in.‘ But no, he didn’t do that. So I’m hanging on to the bumper, and life goes on, and the car goes on, and I get really badly bruised and hitting potholes. And it hurts. I mean, it hurts. So yesterday, I had to let go of the bumper because it hurts too much. It hurts too much.“

Lorelai Gilmore


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